New Website

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Smarty Hosting is happy to release some new updates to our website.

We have been going for over 2 years now and thought it was a good time for a re-vamp.

The client area all works the same to avoid confusion, but has some nifty new features such as Notifications.

The Smarty Hosting website it’s self has changed as you might have noticed, we have now put everything in the right sections they belong, and each product now has it’s own page instead of cluttering the homepage.

Good morning @everyone as you know from the previous email we have been doing some work on the billing system. The work is now complete and we have some new exiting features to introduce to you.

New Features

-New website layout, cleaner & more organised.
-New billing system layout, less bulky and using default WHMCS theme with some modifications.
-All sites have been moved to a new host.
-Services offered have now been modified to bring you more resources for your money

We are now using the latest version of pterodactyl, the game control panel.

All accounts now need to be migrated to the new system and the old products have been retired. To get your service moved, please open a support ticket (in the billing system, not here)

You get more resources for your money on the new system & have a more fully featured game server control panel.

Free Web Hosting & Domains

Get free web hosting & a subdomain completely free. You need to advertise our service on your website to qualify for a free website, these will be checked periodically and accounts closed if not meeting the requirements as stated in the terms and conditions accepted upon creation.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below!