Ordering a Windows VPS

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Getting Started

To order a Windows VPS not for game hosting open this link.

If however you want to host a game server, we recommend you use one of the WindowsGSM plans we offer here.

Once you have decided on your package, proceed to the next section. If you can’t find a package you are looking for please contact live support, we can create a custom package for you.

Server Configuration

When you process through the cart you will come to a server configuration screen.


In the first section you must put a hostname, this is a name that can’t contain any spaces or special characters. Incorrect formatting of this section will cause the automated VPS install to fail and require us to intervene. If you are using a domain name for your server it is recommended you put the domain name as the hostname, e.g server.yourdomain.com and point the domain to the server IP when its installed.


You must set a password above 5 characters long with no spaces. If you don’t automated install will fail and we are forced to intervene.


When you have paid for the server, it will automatically be installed. Please wait between 3-5 minutes for installation and you will receive an email will all the server details, you can also see the details in the client area.

Now you can use the VPS how you like.

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