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This guide is to help you setup a FiveM Server in Windows, but can be applied to any game WindowsGSM supports.

We will be using the WindowsGSM Server to show you how to do this.

Getting Started

This guide assumes you have already ordered your WindowsGSM package, and are connected via RDP.

Installing a FiveM Server

By default all of our WindowsGSM packages come with a FiveM Server pre-installed. You will be able to see it as soon as you login to the VPS via RDP.

Here you can Start, Stop, Restart, Kill and Toggle Console

If you want to install a new server click on “Servers” and “Add New”

Select the server you want to install, in this case it’s FiveM and it will be installed and you will see it in the list.


Now you have your FiveM Server installed. If you would like live stats in your discord and to use commands for your server, please view the discord integration guide here.

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