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This guide will show you how to connect your WindowsGSM to discord.

Getting Started

You must create a discord application here.

Add a bot to your application and you will receive a Token, keep this safe as you will need it.

Setting up WindowsGSM

Go to the Discord tab in WindowsGSM, where it says “Discord Bot Token” press Edit and paste in the Token.

Setting bot token in WindowsGSM

Next add a channel ID for the Dashboard. We advise making a new channel for this that only the bot can post in, to get the channel ID you must do the following if not already done.

set dashboard channel in WindowsGSM

On Discord, open your User Settings -> Appearance -> Enable Developer Mode.

Now you can right click on channels and “Copy ID”

Next you want to add Admin ID’s, because you have developer mode on you can just right click on any name and Copy ID and paste it into the WindowsGSM. You can also select what WindowsGSM Servers they have access too.

Create admins in WindowsGSM

Once you have added the Admin ID’s, enable the bot and press “invite” and choose your discord server.

Make sure the bot has the correct permissions in the channel, sometimes to get started you might need to restart the bot and it will connect.

WindowsGSM Server dashboard in discord
WindowsGSM Discord Commands


You now have configured the WindowsGSM discord bot and can use the commands above and see the live dashboard in Discord.

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