Adding Admin Permissions in FiveM using Steam

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This is a very basic guide on ACE Permissions using steam identifiers. You should view a more detailed guide here:

Setting up permissions.cfg

With vMenu you will receive a permissions.cfg file, place this file in the same folder as your server.cfg

Next you need to edit your server.cfg and before you start the vMenu resource you need to put

exec permissions.cfg

Now your FiveM server will read the permissions.cfg file, before vMenu is started.

Adding Players to Groups

Open up the permissions.cfg file, and you will find a string that looks like this:

add_principal identifier.steam:110000101234567 group.admin

This will add the player with steam identifier 110000101234567 to the group “admin”.

You can add more than one player as an admin by copying this line, and simply change the Steam ID.

You can also add users to other groups. The correct syntax for this is:

add_principal identifier.steam:<steam_id_here> group.<groupName>


Now you can add players as admins using Steam ID.

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