FiveM Hosting

FiveM is a modification of the smash hit Grand Theft Auto 5. We allow you to host your FiveM Server with us on a Windows VPS.

Your VPS comes with dedicated resources and an IPv4 Address and Anti-DDoS Infrastructure ideal for FiveM.

We also have a friendly, professional 24/7 Support Team to help. 

FiveM Server Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FiveM Server Hosting?

A great modification of the smash hit Grand Theft Auto 5. You can create game servers for FiveM and allow other people to connect.

Is your Server Hosting Good?

We would like to think of ourselves as THE BEST server hosting provider. No one comes close to the level of support we provide our clients and we use only the best machines to host your VPS.

Why less Hard Drive than others?

We offer the fastest SSD NVMe drives for our VPS Servers, this means it will be more responsive and better performance than traditional drives. It also means an increase in price, this is why we offer low amounts, but for a server you shouldn’t need anything more than in the packages and if you do, let us know!

What comes with my FiveM Hosting?

The hosting we offer for FiveM is a Windows VPS running Windows Server 2019 with everything you need to get started.

You get a dedicated IPv4 Address and are not on a shared plan like most other providers, meaning the resources you purchase are 100% yours.

Technically we don’t offer FiveM Hosting. We offer WindowsGSM Hosting as we have a tight partnership with them. Then FiveM can be automatically installed on your VPS from GSM.

How do I use it?

Take a look below, there is guides on the WindowsGSM with FiveM.

Are you allowed to sell this server hosting?

We sell Windows Virtual Private Servers. There is nothing in the TOS to stop us or yourself running FiveM on a VPS, it’s actually encouraged.

Where do I Purchase a FiveM Server?

Take a look at the Windows VPS plans we offer below.

Windows VPS + GSM
Packages are upgradable to your specifications - Contact Support


£10 / month
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 32 GB Solid State Drive
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Advanced DDoS Protection


£25 / month
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 6 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 50 GB Solid State Drive
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Advanced DDoS Protection


£45 / month
  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 10 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 100 GB Solid State Drive
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Advanced DDoS Protection

What is WindowsGSM

With WindowsGSM you get all the features of a traditional Windows VPS. So you can still connect via RDP but we have made some modifications.

When you login to the RDP you will be presented with WindowsGSM. From here you can install/remove Start, Stop & Restart Your Server.

Your not limited. You can install any of the 45+ Supported Game Servers. 

You can also integrate WindowsGSM into your discord, and control your servers and view statistics from there.

Connect to the VPS

Press Start on your PC, Type Remote Desktop and Type in your Server IP. Login with Administrator and YOUR PASSWORD.
Direction Arrows
Remote Desktop

Start or Install Gameserver

Windows Game Server Manager will open, start or install the gameserver you want.
Direction Arrows
Windows GSM

Add More Files

Upload Files VIA FTP. Use the Help Document on the desktop for how to connect to FTP.
Built In FTP
FiveM Hosting with VPS

Rent Your Windows VPS

Once you have paid for your server you will receive instant access to your VPS Server. You will receive the WindowsGSM where you can install FiveM Servers into the system with ease.
FiveM IP Adress

Dedicated IPv4 Address

All of our Virtual Server Hosting comes with a dedicated IP Address. Meaning your FiveM Server can be connected directly without remembering ports like with other providers.
FTP for FiveM

FTP Built In

You can upload and modify your gamemodes and mods using FTP. We have automatically integrated FTP into your account so it will be instantly ready to upload files after you make a purchase.
Remote Desktop For FiveM

Remote Desktop Connection

Get instant access to your Windows VPS with remote desktop connection. This means you have full access to create and modify servers within WindowsGSM.
FiveM Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources for Your VPS

Most VPS Server providers oversell resources, we don't full stop. This means the resources you purchase are dedicated for your machine to use without worry.
Change VPS FiveM

Change of Heart?
No Problem!

So you have decided you don't want to host that game anymore, that's fine! With our WindowsGSM you can change or add more game servers as you want. Don't be limited.
FiveM Hosting Support

Dedicated Support Team on Hand

We have a professional dedicated support team who will be more than happy to help with server issues. If you require help installing resources we have a dedicated Discord & Forums.
FiveM DDoS Protection

Advanced Anti DDoS Attack System

Our advanced anti-DDoS will keep your server online even during an attack, your VPS is placed into our mitigation system and traffic is filtered. Allowing legitimate traffic to your Server.
FIveM Backup System

Easy to use
Backups System

Making some changes? You can be on the safe side and make a server backup, or a full VPS backup. This ensures if anything goes wrong with your Server, you can instantly revert it with ease.

With our simple to use 1 click Server Install you can't go wrong!

With the WindowsGSM System you aren't limited to FiveM Hosting.

Never go offline with our professional Anti-DDoS System built in.

Connect to your VPS with Remote Desktop Connection

Add mods to your server easily with FTP built in.

Enjoy your FiveM Hosting without interruption, VPS Servers from us have dedicated resources.

Need some help? Check out our Knowledge Base

How much RAM do I need for a FiveM Server

FiveM Doesn’t use much RAM, but if you are intending to use a lot of modifications we suggest you purchase RAM Accordingly. For most, the Standard WindowsGSM Package will be ideal for most FiveM Hosting Servers. 

How long does VPS Hosting take to install?

The hosting you are buying is a Virtual Private Server. The VPS will take a few minutes to install, then you can install the FiveM Server in seconds. 

How long do I own the VPS Hosting

The term depends on how long you want to pay for your server, we offer monthly payment options for FiveM Servers, but you can purchase longer periods by speaking with support.

I want to change my Hosting Package

You can upgrade your server at any time, just contact support!

I want to change the game I host

If you want to change from FiveM Hosting, you can simply install a new game server in the WindowsGSM.