Affiliate System

You can use our affiliate system to make money, even if you are not a Smarty Hosting customer.

Earn rewards on your participation in the affiliate system. Abuse of this system will result in your account being banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate system?

Affiliate system is where you can make money by selling our services.

How much do I get paid?

You will start on 10% commission of all sales. View the tier system below for upgrades, when you upgrade your old products go to the new rate.

Do I get paid for the lifetime of a customer?

You get paid for the product the customer buys from your link, and each renewal of that product you get paid for.

New products after the initial product don’t qualify for Affiliates (unless again purchased through your link!).

How do I get paid? and how often?

You can receive your payment in any way you prefer. Bank transfer, BitCoin, PayPal – anything you want just let us know.

You will be eligible for a payout when your account reaches £15.

Where do I sign up?

You can join the affiliate system from the client area.

Registration is free, when registered please click “Affiliates”.

Reward Tiers

Level 1 Rewards

Requires: 10 Sales
Discord Role: Partner
Affiliate %: 15% 

Level 2 Rewards

Requires: 25 Sales
Discord Role: Partner
Affiliate %: 20% 

Level 3 Rewards

Requires: 100 Sales
Discord Role: Loyal Member
Affiliate %: 25%

Level 4 Rewards

Requires: 250 Sales
Discord Role: Professional Reseller
Affiliate %: 30%

Level 5 Rewards

Requires: 500 Sales
Discord Role: Executive Smarty Reseller
Affiliate %: 40%